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Hi, I’m Michelle

I’m a Passionate Degree Qualified Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist with over 12 years experience in the Natural Health Industry.  I help people just like you figure out and get to the bottom of what’s causing your digestive, hormonal, energy and mood problems.  I love working one on one with clients to help uncover the (sometimes hidden) root causes of your health concerns or to simply help you be a healthier happier version of yourself.

I’m passionate about combining evidence-based Functional Medicine with Holistic Naturopathic wisdom and Nutrition to provide you with Personalised Natural Healthcare Unique to you.  My mission is to educate, inspire and empower you to live your happiest, healthiest most vibrant life.

Think of me as your personal Health Detective. I’m committed to uncovering the nitty gritty behind your health concerns assisting your body to regain balance.  I know we are all individuals and therefore require different levels of care.

Naturopathic Services

As a Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist, I take a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

You maybe coming in with an already diagnosed medical condition or struggling to get to the bottom of why you just don’t feel quite right.

I can help you understand why, what treatments will work best for you and create a personalised plan to bring you to a place of optimal health.

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What my clients say about me

Michelle is such an insightful and knowledgeable person . She gets to the root of problems by first getting an overall picture of your body as well as your mind. I loved working with Michelle.

I have been struggling with severe reflux for years and have taken so many medications which has not worked and only caused damage to my system. Michelle has gone out of her way to find the right products for me and it has been helping me immensely. I am so thankful for her. She is super informative and really passionate in helping people with more natural products.
Thanks Michelle, I would definitely recommend you !

Michelle is very passionate about her job, and loves to help people in the best way she can to support them in improving their health. She has really helped me on my health journey, and I love the way she is so easy to talk to, always encouraging and positive, as well as very professional with her work, and always leaves me feeling supported and with a fresh positive outlook on my health journey. Thanks Michelle, I would highly recommend you

Michelle is a wonderful and caring naturopath. She has helped me with a number of health problems and I’m slowly improving. Michelle also has some great yummy recipes too.

I could not be happier with the help & support from Michelle for myself & my daughter. Such an easy person to share things with & help guide you on a journey of what suits you the best. She definitely has our best interests at heart.
Highly recommended!!

I have just been to see Michelle this morning and not only is she a lovely and caring person she is so very knowledgeable. I have walked away with heaps of ideas and recipes and motivation to continue working on my healthy life goal. Slowly but surely we will get there.

Michelle has been working with me for a couple years now. She has helped me through several pregnancies. She has a massive wealth of knowledge & has helped me with my health journey immensely. If you are looking for someone to help, especially with Women’s heath, I would highly recommend making an appointment to have a consult with Michelle.

Michelle is amazing and has helped with my Fibromyalgia and just making me feel great. Thank you Michelle you are so dedicated to your passion in helping others.

I originally started seeing Michelle about 18 months ago for constant migraines which within the mainstream medical system, I had to manage when they arrived, rather than work out WHY I was getting them. Michelle has helped me to get on top of my hormonal and thyroid health, along with an overall healthy lifestyle adjustment, and I haven’t had another migraine since, which I didn’t think would be possible!! I cannot recommended Michelle’s services enough, and I am so glad I made the decision to make my health a priority. Michelle is happy to work with me, with all my fussy eating habits, my inability to be constant with taking supplements, and she keeps me accountable to my health journey in such a positive and approachable way. No words can thank Michelle enough, and if you’re considering your own health journey, Michelle is an excellent place to start

Michelle has been supporting me for 18 months to work towards achieving my health goals. Despite many bumps along the way, Michelle has persisted to work with me and help figure out barriers to achieving my goals. Michelle is always professional and positive and provides lots of encouragement to keep working on goals, no matter how it long it may take. Highly recommend Michelle to help anyone reach their health goals!

For so long nothing was working to clear up my skin, my next option was to start taking a strong medication that would cause impacts on my whole body. Luckily, I took the step to visit Michelle and within 4 weeks my skin had almost completely cleared and now I feel healthier and stronger! Thank you so much for guiding me in the right direction to help my body!!

Michelle has been an amazing support assisting in my Pre-pregnancy support with both food related guidance and supplement support, as well as providing guidance on my endometriosis diagnosis where required.

Now that I am pregnant she has been an amazing support during the pre-natal stages navigating my various symptoms with tips & tricks and supplements to assist me in this journey as a first time mum :)

Michelle also as a first time mum is passionate about helping others in the pregnancy phase pre conception, pre-natal and beyond and is able to provide valuable support during what can be a stressful time in a women’s life and giving me tips to de-stress and provide my body with what is required during this time and beyond.

Michelle has helped me to lose weight and manage my anxiety. She is easy to talk to, genuine, caring, very knowledgeable and I don’t feel judged.

Michelle has been so supportive and I always feel like I can contact her if I ever need to send my food journals, or having any problems or need advice, which helps me stay on track.

Previous to seeing Michelle I had been eating healthy and exercising 1 hour a day exhausting myself and not losing much weight, so I decided to see a Naturopath to see if that could help me. After trying a food and exercise plan and doing a gut microbiome test, I could find out what was a barrier for my individual weight loss. After some alterations, I have lost 12 kilos so far and still working to lose more. I am not tired or exhausted on the meal plans and I feel like I’m doing less but achieving more. My anxiety has also improved which helps me worry less and sleep better.

Michelle has such a wealth of knowledge and amazing insight into a more holistic and natural way of treating conditions which is what really aligns with my beliefs. She is so thorough with everything and makes sure to look at all areas of the body, not just what is problematic. I love how easy going she is to talk to whilst remaining professional as well. I always learn something new after an appointment.

Michelle is such a wonderful naturopath. She is so easy to talk to and is so thorough in her consultations to find out all about your health. She is very knowledgeable on all areas of health and goes above and beyond to help you. She is also a lovely person to be around and is so genuine in wanting to help her patients.

Michelle has been my biggest support during my journey. She had gone above and beyond for me and I am so so grateful for her. I would not be doing so well without her and cannot recommend her any more highly.

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